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If You're Tired of Living under the Tyranny of 
"Don't Rock the Boat, Keep Your Mouth Shut and Everything Will Be Just Fine," 
Then This May Be the Most Important Letter You Read This Year

Dear Friend, 

The woman on the phone sounded almost panicky. 

"I have to make a call and I don't know what to say. I agreed to create a new training program with Jan — we were going to market it together. She seemed a little distant but I worked with her for weeks and was very generous with my material — it was almost done when she brought in someone else — without ever discussing it with me! 

Now they're going to deliver it together — and they've cut me out of it completely. They're even using the name of one of my proprietary programs as the title. When I tried to talk to Jan about it she just said ‘You can't copyright ideas!’

They are so much bigger than I am. I don't want to get a lawyer yet — I don't want to spend that kind of money! But I do want to at least get something for all my work! They’re about to release the program! 

What can I say to her now? I want to get her to hear me! Can you help me figure out what to do?"

Once, over 33 years ago, I felt as desperate as the woman on the phone sounded. I couldn't figure out why several coworkers who had reaped the rewards of my work were kicking me out of the business I had helped to start. 

One of the things I learned from that experience is that walking on eggshells is a lost cause

Are you walking on eggshells and still getting into trouble?

Conversations that go wrong or aren’t completed can cost you a lot of time, energy, money and relationships. They can even put you or someone you care about in danger.

Do you worry about getting into trouble by saying the wrong thing when 

  • You’re furious about being stuck in endless meetings where nothing is ever decided? 

  • You know there is a problem that nobody wants to hear about?

  • You’re confused, but everyone else seems to understand?

  • You’re frustrated when you’re caught in conversations that go around in circles?

  • You’re trying to avoid someone who keeps getting on your nerves?

Are you keeping your mouth shut hoping everything will turn out OK? But it never does, does it? Are you getting more and more or frustrated because you just can't figure out anything effective to do?

Do you feel like you're caught between 
a rock and a hard place?

So you feel like if you say something you'll make matters worse but when you keep quiet the situation stays the same or gets even worse than it already is. You feel like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place - and you are.

Do you just keep your mouth shut to avoid making waves?

The real problem is that you avoid the hard conversations because you don't know how to have them. Even when you're in a position of responsibility and it's part of your job to say the hard stuff, you `hold back because you don't want to be misunderstood. And you certainly don't want to hurt somebody feelings.

And it's those hard conversations that are really most important for building solid relationships - for getting the job done - and for getting ahead.

Of course you have good reasons for avoiding those uncomfortable conversations…

You're afraid of hurting someone's feelings.

You may think that not hurting someone's feelings is more important than telling the truth about something that bugs you, but that actually makes the problem go underground. You hope it will stay underground but it never really does. It just leaks out somewhere else and often you're the one who gets hurt. 

You would actually be better off having the conversation and focusing on how to solve the problem without blaming anyone for causing it. But you need to learn how to do that.

You're afraid of getting into trouble.

This is real. I know this from personal experience. I’ve been in trouble because I had no training in how to talk about the problem with skill and compassion and still get my point across. 

When you learn the skill you actually can avoid trouble and stop the situation from getting any worse.

You think you're supposed to avoid things that scare you.

Feeling scared is unpleasant. But the truth is that most people are afraid of unfamiliar and seemingly risky stuff.

You'll actually have a lot more opportunities for success when you face what you fear and learn as much as you can about it. You’ll probably find that when you face your fear complicated situations become much clearer and easier to manage.

You know that speaking out will stir up emotions and you believe feelings don't belong at work at all.

Feelings are actually critical barometers of problems at work. That's because feelings are often your response to subtle information that you can't easily describe with words.

What does keeping your mouth shut cost you now?

Avoiding these challenging, potentially upsetting conversations may be costing you a lot! 

Opportunities to create revenue or cut costs

  • You lose the valuable, but silently angry employee, who is lured away by a competitor, because you never found time to listen to his complaint.

  • You can’t fix a problem, because you were never told that it existed.

  • You lose energy and confidence because you spend your time wondering, "maybe I'm just too sensitive or maybe I'm just taking them wrong..." 

  • A young bookkeeper who is afraid to talk about the irregularities she noticed that might warn anyone of an impending disaster.

Trust: mistrust keeps everyone playing CYA (cover your anatomy)

  • You know everyone in a meeting hates what the boss is saying but agrees anyway, and then whispers about the probable disastrous consequences in the hall after the meeting.

  • You spend your time trying to figure out what every other person is up to, and trying to position yourself in the best light "just in case" they're out to make you look bad. 


  • Your friend, a competent VP is fired because a jealous colleague reported a comment he made about an unrelated issue — and no one dared to challenge the story and tell the truth about what really happened. You wonder if you’ll be the next victim.

  • Since nobody knows what's happening, everyone tries to gain an advantage. 


  • A team member has a radical idea that would finally solve a challenging and expensive problem, but doesn’t tell anyone because it might embarrass the team leader.

  • You and your colleagues worry more about avoiding conflict than about actually completing work. 

  • Your team must spend time anticipating and preventing problems, or picking up the pieces later because no one will take the risk of communicating with the "problem person."

These are the VERY THINGS you are trying to avoid by remaining quiet because you can't figure out how to share your observations and feelings without getting yourself or someone else into trouble. But...

Having a difficult conversation can save your 
career, marriage, or even your life.

Helping people figure out how to have important conversations is my job now, but it wasn't always this way.

After being kicked out of my own business, I really focused on learning how to never let it happen again. I read books, studied with brilliant teachers, and figured out a lot.

I learned how to have the conversations that matter. And you can too!

For over 35 years I've been helping people communicate more effectively. The trouble I got it too early in my career made me realize how important this work is. And it made me grab for every tool that I thought might help.

And I am committed to sharing this information with you

Discover the secrets to making even the
most difficult conversations easy.

You may recognize intuitively, that even when you try to have an important conversation you may cautiously skirt around the information that needs to be shared. 

Well, I've discovered exactly what works and what doesn't work when it comes to communicating effectively in all kinds of relationship situations, especially relationships in the workplace.

What I’ve learned can keep you from making the costly and aggravating mistakes I’ve seen so many people make. 

And I’ve put this information into a special report I’ve created, Dare To Say It: How to Have Important Conversations that Build Working Relationships. Using this information packed report can help you save time and money. It can even save your career, your marriage or even your life.

" Laurie, Dare To Say It is an invaluable resource. It helps me solve one of my most frequent challenges as an HR manager-- coaching my constituents in how to transform their most difficult and challenging conversations into productive discussions."

- Mary Schaefer, Human Resources Manager, Fortune 100 Company 

"Your report helped me to understand why some of my conversations weren't working and helped me to get them back on track. You have compacted a huge amount of helpful information into this small space. It's very valuable and clear. "

-Ken Weisiger, M.D.   

"When I read your special report, I realized how getting over-involved with my clients can drain my energy, without helping them.


I recognized that my client wanted me to rescue him and enter into his drama. This realization allowed me to find an alternative strategy.


I saved myself untold time and energy and saved money for the client by not wasting our time. Knowing these tools allowed me to provide better, more effective service.

-Katharine D. Kurtz, Attorney

Get the tools you need 
to salvage even extremely challenging relationships.

Having a conversation may seem as if it should be a very simple thing to do. Actually it may be really complicated and challenging to say what you believe is important and have somebody else understand what you mean. 

You can succeed at managing these challenging conversations. With a few tools, these difficult conversations not only get easier, but they also become amazing opportunities for solving problems and creating stronger relationships. 

Imagine how your life will change once you:

  • Learn what to say when you don't know what to say.

  • Handle conflict with ease and confidence.

  • Take the lead in difficult conversations.

  • Defuse people’s defenses and create cooperative solutions.

  • Do exactly the right thing in emotionally charged situations.

  • Note the one simple thing you could do to help people refocus on what's really important for solving a problem.

  • Get stuck meetings back on track smoothly and easily without calling attention to yourself.

  • Get what you want while making others look like heroes.

  • Refocus off-track conversations.

  • Easily circumvent the subtle blocks people use to keep things from getting done.

  • Puncture a windbag and make him grateful because you're listening.

  • Keep yourself out of the persecutor — rescuer — victim games that people play.

  • Extricate yourself from office politics.

  • Notice and stop the subtle, dangerous behavior that can lead to melt downs and bigger problems.

" Laurie, this is a wonderful resource. As a manager I use it for team building, coaching and sorting through relationships with my peers."

-Joanne Cohen, Director, Major Telecommunications Company 
" This is great! Your tip about letting co-workers know that there really is something emotional going on, that it isn't about them, and that you don't want to discuss it, just helped me defuse a really tricky situation. Thanks."

-Sue Ackerman, Medical Practice Administrator 
" I used your powerful material as a tool to train a client to manage cross-cultural conflict in his Southeast Asia workplace."

-Leonard Unterberger, International Management Consultant 

Creating exciting, rewarding conversations 
makes you a hero! 

Do you believe that ”if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?”

The truth is you can learn to communicate about problems without damaging a relationship. That’s because most people happily solve problems, when they understand what the problems are.

If you work in an organization you'll find yourself

  • Being identified as a leader 

  • Negotiating and securing pay raises 

  • Significantly improving your management skills 

  • Getting well-deserved respect as a productive employee 

  • Earning that promotion you've been waiting for.

If you are an entrepreneur or a solopreneur you'll notice that you are 

  • Recognized as an expert

  • Attracting new clients

  • Getting stuff done instead of talking about it forever

  • Closing more deals

  • Gaining new respect

  • Feeling a new sense of peace and happiness when you're at work.

You need tools to get these fabulous results

Although you may be able to sense intuitively when the conversation is not going the way you want it to you need something more concrete to change what is happening. Dare To Say It: How to Have Important Conversations that Build Working Relationships — gives you all the most important tools you need to master difficult conversations!

Knowing how to deal with barriers to having an important conversation is only part of the solution. You also need tools to make those conversations — the ones that will make a difference — actually happen. 

  • I show you exactly what to say and when to say it. 

  • I give you a checklist of everything that needs to be included to make an important conversation work — for everyone. That's because even if you do some things right, if you leave other pieces out of the conversation it just won't work. 

  • I show you how recognize all the elements that need to be included in these important conversations — and how to unobtrusively slip them into a conversation when they are missing. 

  • You'll be able to recognize just how an important conversation gets derailed at exactly how you can actually use that information to get the conversation back on track.

Stop letting FEAR hold you back.

You’ve seen these things happen over and over again!

When something important is ignored people reach inappropriate and even dangerous conclusions. 

I give you the one simple sentence that is all you need to say when you sense that this is happening. When you say it, others will sigh with relief.

Sometimes someone will feel so threatened that they will quickly try to prevent a conversation from going in a particular direction. 

When you recognize that this is happening you'll have three different things you can say that will reassure your conversation partner and keep the conversation moving forward.

Some conversations spiral completely out of control. They go in circles, until everyone is dizzy. Hardly anyone knows what is going on, all they know is that it keeps happening over and over and over again! 

I show you what not to do, as well as what to do to extricate everyone from this impossible situation. Many people consider this information priceless! And it is useful in family situations too, not just at work. 

And then there is the drama trap that keeps any problems from getting solved— It's a lot easier to avoid this than to get out of it. This report teaches you how to do both. 

There are patterns of conversation that are so subtle that they even baffle experts. 

I have clarified them so that so that you can recognize them quickly and easily. You'll use this powerful tool to help you keep your conversations focused. 

You know how completely frustrated everyone feels when a conversation covers the same ground over and over again. 

I show you how to be one of the few who know how to get out of this trap and how to encourage people to talk about what's really important. That skill alone is easily enough to save you and others many hours of precious time. 

And you know how the threat of the dreaded emotions in your workplace — which are an inevitable part of being human — can bring a conversation to a complete standstill.

I show you how to harness the power of these emotions to bring new insights to the issues you must discuss.

People sometimes think that the only reason to have a conversation is to prove a point or defend a position. Here you will find another, much more exciting reason — to explore an issue together and discover as much as you possibly can about it. You learn to use the single most important tool that will transform your conversations into valuable and exciting dialogues.

Perhaps most important of all, you'll learn the hidden psychology of helping others feel that you really care about them.

"As a professor of speech communication I found the information in this special report right to the point and potentially very useful."

-Jacqueline Frischknecht, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Affairs (ret.), University College, University of Denver, and co-author of Maximizing Your Learning Potential, Asking Smart Questions, and SMART Studying-Power Up Your Grades.  


"This is a model I often use in my work and in my personal life. It reminds me of how important it is to listen and appreciate the essence of what a person is trying to communicate. This model illustrates how to listen and respond from a genuine place--without being defensive. I find it tremendously helpful when I need to cut through the ineffective communication patterns I see in working and personal relationships."

-Jill Hughes, Psychotherapist  

You can have these priceless tools RIGHT NOW!

For over 35 years I have been helping people like you, business owners, managers, executives, professionals and others in the business world learn to use these tools. 

My clients have created the conversations they needed to move past sticky situations and keep things on track.

My clients have surprised themselves and others with their increased effectiveness. They have greatly improved their management skills. They have been recognized as leaders. They have been rewarded with promotions and pay raises. 

You can, too! 

You deserve the rewards that come with transforming important, but difficult, conversations into 

  • opportunities for solving problems, 

  • creating stronger relationships, 

  • creating a rewarding and effective work environment.

OK, what does it cost to get all this information? 

Just an hour of my consulting time would cost you $300. Attending a daylong seminar that covers this information would involve an investment of at least that same $300 — plus your time and travel expenses. 

How much for the same information in a downloadable report? A tiny fraction of that amount! Only $37! That is less than it costs to go out to dinner. 

Yes, you can download this report right now and start using it within the next 10 minutes to start listening differently AND responding differently — for only $37. 

I Want It Right Now!     
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Before you go any further I have to tell you something. I've been helping people learn to have important conversations in person, one-on-one, for over 35 years. 

The most ideal situation would be to have me come to your house to talk to you.

Obviously I can't do that. But I can provide you a special opportunity to speak with me by phone so that I can help with the most pressing problem that you have right now. 

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When you know what's important to you it's easier to choose which conversation is important enough to be worth your time and energy. The problem is that you may not know exactly what your priorities are. 

This brief, intense goal setting process forces you to use both the logical and be powerful intuitive parts of your mind to actually discover those critical priorities. And best of all it takes only 45 minutes. If you keep “not getting around” to clarifying your priorities you need this.

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Whatever happens, you'll use the special report as a constant reference as you move forward.

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P.S. Just think for a moment about what difficult conversations are costing you now — the lack of trust, decreased effectiveness and lost revenue. Now, imagine how different things will be when your difficult conversations actually become easy. Yes, let me have this right now! 

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