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When I met with Lisa Schulz of Women Wine and Wellness I was looking for the answer to one question and received a surprisingly valuable reminder instead.

I wanted to know the demographics of the women who flock to her meetings because I suspect that these are the same women who tend to read what I write. However what I learned is that the common denominator is not age or business or marital status —
it is passion.

Lisa is a living example of the Law of Attraction. She is a perfect example of someone who is living her passion and urging others to do so to. In an economy where many groups despair of getting enough clients, her networking business is thriving. Each meeting attracts additional women — mostly by word-of-mouth.

Lisa knows that women need to feel welcomed and affirmed and encouraged to live their passions. She concentrates on providing those things for them at her Women Wine and Wellness networking meetings. She sees herself not as a problem solver but as a passion enhancer.

A relative newcomer to networking, Lisa was fascinated by observing what worked and what didn't work. She gathered information at a networking meeting she attended and  observed that the less she tried to promote herself and the more she listened for what she could do to enhance the experience of people she met, the better things worked.

Her passion became finding at least one thing she could provide for each person she met and she learned to never attempt to sell anything at all during a networking conversation. One of the things she loves sharing the information she gathers which finds personally helpful.

As Lisa began to put people together whom she felt would benefit by connecting with each other, people began to see her as a source of resources, and additional people were attracted. She learned her as she put people together so that they could connect around their passions, wonderful things happened.

Eventually she formalized the meetings as Women Wine and Wellness, this group is designed to connect and empower women she serves. The group started meeting in her home where she made special preparations to welcome each woman who attended. This even included an affirmative prayer before each meeting that it would serve the needs of every participant.

As Lisa has developed meetings and hostesses in different locations she has attempted to pass on her philosophy and welcoming attitude. Her biggest challenge seems to be duplicating her own effervescent and welcoming energy.

Every aspect of each meeting is designed to connect and empower the women she serves.

In the three meetings I've attended and enjoyed, I've made useful contacts and left feeling enlivened and refreshed. I recommend these meetings to women in South Metro Denver looking for creative networking that really works.

It's all about the passion!

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