Accepting The Spotlight

My clients are great and I love to brag about them. I don't have permission to share this woman’s name, but she will allow me to share her story. Here's just one of the reasons why I love coaching.

While talking with a 40-year-old woman who makes enormous contributions to her community I learned that she was reluctant to talk about what she does to more than a few people at a time. She didn't want to call attention to herself.

When I asked what inspired her to do one of her many successful projects — collecting used medical equipment and shipping it to a third world country — I learned that it wasn't just about the medical equipment. Her motivation was keeping things out of landfills and protecting the planet. Her inspiration had come from hearing somebody else describe a project that also kept other large objects out of landfills.

As we talked she realized how talking about what she does (and has done) might encourage somebody else to contribute as well.

She also realized how she had been rebelling about writing about her contributions simply because someone else ordered her to. Now she sees the bigger purpose of letting herself be known.

Next time we met she described calling attention to herself in a large organization by contributing a clarifying restatement of that organization's project. She's now excited about becoming a role model for others.


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