Is Social Media a Fad…?

Is Social Media a Fad…………

Or the biggest shift in business communication since the invention of the telephone?  Check out this powerful video and let us know what you think.

Until I saw this powerful video, I thought of Social Media as a sort of fun toy to use to share my thoughts with people I don't ordinarily connect with.

Then I learned that I could keep up with some of my adult children's activities on Facebook. 

I admit, I've been collecting followers and friends and groups without any particular system or thought. Now I see that I am far behind the times.

Ouch! Social media has become a powerful tool for business communication.

Check out this video and learn about these changes and many more.

  1. Facebook Tops Google for weekly traffic in the United States
  2. Social Media has overtaken Pornography as the #1 activity on the Web
  3. 1 out of 8 couples married in the United States met via Social Media


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I Dropped The Ball On This One (Important)

You don't need to know the confusion in getting this to you. You should have had it several days ago. Finally all the information is available!

What you do need to know is below. My friend Suzanna wrote that part, and the reminders I will send over the next few days. The series starts Monday, November 15, and ends Friday; and my interview will be broadcast on Wednesday. I have  created an incredible offer for you – read on… Continue reading

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Accepting The Spotlight

My clients are great and I love to brag about them. I don't have permission to share this woman’s name, but she will allow me to share her story. Here's just one of the reasons why I love coaching.

While talking with a 40-year-old woman who makes enormous contributions to her community I learned that she was reluctant to talk about what she does to more than a few people at a time. She didn't want to call attention to herself. Continue reading

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Passionate Networking

When I met with Lisa Schulz of Women Wine and Wellness I was looking for the answer to one question and received a surprisingly valuable reminder instead.

I wanted to know the demographics of the women who flock to her meetings because I suspect that these are the same women who tend to read what I write. However what I learned is that the common denominator is not age or business or marital status —
it is passion.

Lisa is a living example of the Law of Attraction. She is a perfect example of someone who is living her passion and urging others to do so to. In an economy where many groups despair of getting enough clients, her networking business is thriving. Continue reading

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Embrace Confusion

I found this interesting article today:

We as rational, logical adults tend to avoid confusion. It seem like the right thing to do.

But if your objective is to gain clarity, resolve a conflict, come up with an innovative solution or just to be able to think through something in a critical way,you need to embrace confusion. It is worth reading the whole article.

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